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Sleeping bags are a key camping essential and when you're looking to buy one you need to understand the facts.  The warmth and comfort rating of sleeping bags are measured in seasons depending on their extreme and comfort temperatures.  If you're heading out on camping trips then it pays to keep warm and do a little research before buying your sleeping bag.  Extreme and comfort temperatures determine the temperature at which you will remain comfortable in and the temperature that you will be not so comfortable in.  The comfort temperature of a sleeping bag is the lowest temperature that a sleeping bag is designed for; these temperatures are often just a guideline and are approximate as different people handle different temperatures differently.  The extreme temperature rating is a survival only rating for a standard adult woman.  This temperature is an extreme survival rating only and it is not genuinely advisable to rely on these ratings for general use.

Sleeping bag specifications
Sleeping bags have various functions designed to enhance your sleeping bag experience!  When purchasing sleeping bags you will often find sleeping bags with left and right zips…if there are two of you camping you can undo the sleeping bags and zip together a left and a right sleeping bag and have one large sleeping bag cover to keep warm with.  Some sleeping bags come with a shoulder baffle; a shoulder baffle brings a little more comfort to your sleeping experience when in a sleeping bag.  The shoulder baffle is the padded shoulder area of a sleeping bag that is designed to keep warm air in and draughts and cold air out!  The type of material that a sleeping bag is made of will also depend on the level of comfort and warmth that you will benefit from; ideally it would be beneficial to have a sleeping bag that was made with thermal material; this material is designed to retain heat and as a result keeps you warm in cold conditions.  A similar warming material that is ideal to keep you warm is Thermatec; similarly to thermal material this provides you with warmth during the cold weather whilst keeping you cool during the hot weather.  
Check out the seasons sleeping guide below and follow these guidelines and you can be sure to purchase a suitable sleeping bag for your requirement!

Season 1 sleeping bag
A season 1 sleeping bag is suitable for use in the summer months making it the perfect sleeping bag for use when at festivals or when travelling and camping in countries with warmer climates.  The extreme temperature of a 1 season sleeping bag will usually be around 5C.

Season 2 sleeping bag
A season 2 sleeping bag is suitable for use during the spring and summer months and again this will be ideal for use during camping trip in warmer climates as well as use at festivals.  A season 2 sleeping bag will often have an extreme temperature of 0C degrees.

Season 3 sleeping bag
A 3 season sleeping bag is suitable for use during the spring, summer and autumn months and will usually have an extreme temperature of -5C.

Season 4 sleeping bag
A 4 season sleeping bag is suitable for use during spring, summer, autumn and winter months and has an extreme temperature of -10C making it ideal for a range of camping uses and treks through a variety of climates.

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Sleeping Bags Product Review

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This article was published on 2010/03/26