Several Kinds of Foods That Help Your Baby Sleep Well

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Whether you can sleep well at night, what you have eaten at night is very important. There is a statement in “Huangdi Neijing” saying “if the food does not suit your stomach, you cannot sleep well”; clinical nutritionist also pointed out that one of the reasons leading to sleep disorders is eating some “inappropriate” food at dinner. So, what exactly should we eat at night to have a good sleep?




Milk contains two kinds of hypnotic substances: one is tryptophan, which can promote the brain cells to secret the neurotransmitter that make people sleepy—serotonin; the other is the peptides which have a regulatory effect on the physiological function and the “opioid peptides” in which can be combined with central nervous system, playing a role of anesthesia similar to opium, thus the body feel comfortable and help relieve fatigue to make you sleep. For the neurasthenia people caused by physically weak, milk is more effective.


Sunflower seeds


Sunflower seeds contain a variety of amino acids and vitamins, which can regulate the metabolism and improve inhibiting function of brain cells, playing a sedative role. After dinner, nibbling some sunflower seeds can also promote the secretion of digestive juice, helping digestion of stagnation and sleep.




Among all grains, millet contains the most abundant tryptophan. In addition, millet contains large amounts of starch, so it is easy to have satiety after eating. It also can promote the secretion of insulin and increase the number of tryptophan into the brain.




In clinical, walnut is proved that it can improve sleep quality, so it is often used to treat neurasthenia, insomnia, forgetfulness, dreams and other symptoms. The specific way of eating is to add black sesame and mash them, and then take 15 grams before going to bed, the effect is obvious.


In addition, the jujube, honey, vinegar, and whole wheat bread can help sleep as well. Jujube is rich in protein, vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients, having an effect of tonifying spleen and calming the nerves. After dinner, drinking jujube soup can speed up the time to fall asleep. According to Chinese medicine, honey plays a role of replenishing Qi, tonifying five zang organs and combining a hundred drugs. In order to sleep well, drinking a glass of honey water before sleep may take effect.


Vinegar contains many amino acids and organic acids, and the role of eliminating fatigue is very obvious, helping sleep. The whole wheat bread is rich in vitamin B, which has an effect of maintaining healthy nervous system, eliminating irritability and promoting sleep.

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Several Kinds of Foods That Help Your Baby Sleep Well

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Several Kinds of Foods That Help Your Baby Sleep Well

This article was published on 2011/11/02