Preventing Sleep Disorders through Sleep Apnea Treatment

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Wouldn’t it be nice to have good night’s sleep especially when you’re tired from work? Sleeping is therapeutic exercise and an excellent defense to cope with stressful conditions. But what happens when your partner sleeps like a grinding machine? The noise of snoring can have an effect on how well one sleeps at night and can come to a point where relationships are subsequently affected. The problem can be solved when people suffering from a snoring (apnea) disorder consult dentists Huntersville NC residents trust.

What is snoring?

Snoring is commonly associated with the vibration of some respiratory organs. An obstruction in the respiratory track often affects air movement during sleep, thus creating either a soft or hard rough sound. Some sounds are so soft they are not heard while others can be loud and unpleasant. While some consider it harmless, experts say it can be a symptom of other conditions and can also lead to complications later on.

Sleep apnea

Along with snoring, a condition called sleep apnea also causes unpleasant noises during sleep. Sleep apnea is usually a result of weak or blocked respiratory tracks that obstruct the passage of air to the lungs. This can cause a temporary loss of air or difficulty in breathing that creates a choking-like sound during sleep. The cessation of air intake can make a person temporarily wake-up at night to breath in air again.

Sleep apnea can affect normal sleep cycles especially when it happens too often. At its worst, people suffering from apnea can have periodic sleep deprivation which in turn causes many physical and psychological complications. If you suffer from any of these, do not hesitate to make an appointment with dentists Huntersville NC residents trust.

Treatment for apnea conditions

Fortunately, there are medical technologies that can treat snoring and sleep apnea. One procedure is called mandibular advancement splints which bring forward the lower jaw and pull the tongue forward. These splints are polymers that are similar to mouthpieces or guards used in sports. By doing the necessary adjustments to the tongue and throat, air passage is significant increased, preventing the creation of rough noises.

However, great care is required when using the material because it affects the lower jaw’s position. Some discomforts may be experienced and in some cases the jaws may be temporarily dislocated. But these are only side effects which be adequately adjusted. It is important to consult dentists who specialize in sleep apnea before considering the procedure. Due to the sensitivity of the procedure, dentists in Huntersville NC will be happy to clarify some issues pertaining to it.

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Preventing Sleep Disorders through Sleep Apnea Treatment

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Preventing Sleep Disorders through Sleep Apnea Treatment

This article was published on 2011/11/24