Losing Weight While Sleeping

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Recently, university of Chicago, a sleep researcher Iraq dimension van secco otlet concluded dr latest conclusion: lack of sleep can seriously affect female hormone balance, disorder women's digestive system, make appetite add, add fat, resulting in overweight or obese. But a researcher SanjayPatel says: "at least 20 multiple studies show that slept less, long flesh." He in for 16 years, involving 7 million people every day, the survey found among those who sleep less than five hours of sleep, overweight than normal crowd population-without much. At present, 25 to 30 year-old female average six hours and 40 minutes of sleep only needed to maintain a healthy, far more than seven and a half hour low much. However, sleep suppresses appetite, desire and those in charge of fat of the hormone has been the fact that does not dispute.

Sleeping Narrows Waistline

"In a deep sleep, the brain will quietly secrete plenty growth hormone, it will guide the body fat into energy. If the decrease depth sleep time, also stockpiled huge can translate into adipose quantity of heat, hormone secretion couldn't keep up with heat hoarding, your body will automatically send these fat conversion to the hips, thighs and stomach and obesity is made in such ways." Dr Michael Brews explains. In fact, those who add depth of Morpheus time volunteers in the third week, had found that can easily put on a past appear very tight trousers, and in the first round is found little stomach goes back, waist on either side of the dewlap also reduced the... To the tenth weeks, waistline, hip circumference and chest is sent many narrowed 12 cm, apparently whole thin a circle.

Lazy sleep speed thin method

Key points: on every day seven and a half hours of sleep, Morpheus time is close to the target, thin body effect the more obvious (of course, it does not mean sleep morer, thin morer).

First: regular sleep time

Will get up time pushed forward seven and a half hours every day, that you should go to bed time. If double cease day you with her boyfriend, or friends about, then please attach will get up time backward 1 ~ 2 hours, but must ensure that seven and a half hours of sleep.

Second: good before sleeping habits

45 minutes before beginning, can do some beneficial to sleep of activities, such as: reading, bath, let the body in a ready to sleep relaxation state. When sleeping remember turn off the TV, computer, switch your phone to silent. Lest eye feel light, wake up to the brain, reduce feed signals fade meal - promotes sleep hormone secretion.

Third: quit caffeine and alcohol

At 2.30 PM after that, you can't touch those caffeinated beerages, tea and soda water also is listed in the forbidden, 3 hours before bedtime, and not drinking, alcohol can make a person lethargy, but not depth sleep, sober up you will also tossing and turning.

Fourth: find suitable for your best sleep time

Not every woman just seven and a half hours of healthy sleep time, some people need nine hours. If the alarm clock in the morning is difficult to wake you up again, then you need more sleep time. Try to gradually leave 15 minutes to go to bed until find an ideal of sleep time, this process takes about one week time. You may get some good advice here.

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Losing Weight While Sleeping

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This article was published on 2010/11/21