Different Sleep Habits of Different Dogs

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Do you have a dog in your family? And do have you observe how does it have a sleep? Our lovely friends also have their own sleep habits. If you pay more attention on them, you will find different dogs have different sleep habits.

Dogs are often in a light sleep, just a slight movement can awake them. Dogs are very sensitive to the strange sound except for their owners and acquaintances. If they are awakened by noises they will often seemed a bad mood, and dissatisfy with the wake of its people and even cannot recognize their owners.

Dogs do not have a fixed sleep time, once have time they will turn into a light sleep. After lunch, they always like sleeping in the sunlight. Choosing this time for sleep is their favorite and another good sleep time for them is after 2 o’clock. Old dogs and puppy sleep longer while young dogs sleep short time.

I have observed dogs when they are sleeping. In order to protect their nose, which is very important for them, they always choose sleep with their mouth under two legs. And this position can also ensure the situation around them that alert to respond at any time.

As we have mentioned above that dogs usually stay in a light sleep, but you will find sometimes they are hardly to be awakened because they might have a deep sleep occasionally. The best way to distinguish a dog is whether in a light sleep or a deep sleep is its sleep position. When they in light sleep they are stay in a prostrate position, hiding their head into two fore pasts with one ear close to the ground. If they are in a deep sleep they often have a side sleep with the whole body stretched.

If dogs can’t get plenty of sleep they will become getting into trouble easily with a bad mood. Lack of sleep showed them often lie on the floor and do not want to stand up, often yawning, eyes glazed, distracted. Sometimes dogs bark to their master or even bite people who awaken them, it is a way of abreacting. So don’t blame them if they become naughty one day, they are unintentional.

Dogs are our best friend. Dogs also need a good sleep just as human beings do, so we should do is prepare them a good sleep environment.


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Different Sleep Habits of Different Dogs

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Different Sleep Habits of Different Dogs

This article was published on 2011/08/20