Beneficial Factors for Baby Sleeping

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Baby health is one of the most concerns for mothers. In daily life and diet, parents make every effort to cherish their baby. Therefore, in order to avoid harmful factors happening to a baby or SIDS, appropriate sleeping factors are a must to be taken into account. Although, a baby's sleep needs and patterns differ as much from one another as adults do, and you should understand the baby's factors that influence sleep in your home, the following factors may be essential appropriate sleeping factors that suitable for baby sleep, helping babies sleep well and develop healthily.

Don't with the nipple or pacifier in the mouth to sleep

Some children have to have mother's nipple or a pacifier in the mouth to fall asleep. In this way, when the child wakes up, he or she will suck on the nipple or pacifier feedings. This too frequent eating habit is easily to cause the child's gastrointestinal disorders. In addition, it is easy to result in shortness of breath, declining the quality of sleep with the nipple or pacifier in the mouth while sleeping. What's worse, it may lead to suffocation. This bad habit could also affect the normal development of children gums and oral hygiene.

Quilt should not too be thick

Some parents want to let their children sleep warmly in the winter, especially making quilt covered with thick. In fact, quilt too heavy on the body may cause shortness of breath, and the high temperature in the bed will make the child irritable and cry, at the same time, it affects their quality of sleep. In addition, children growing up in a warm environment have a lower resistance to cold.

It shouldn't be humming when baby falling asleep

Although it's naturally beautiful and sweet for children to hear a lullaby to fall asleep, it will be hard for children to fall asleep again when they are alone. Therefore, it's better for children to sleep in the natural environment.

Don't sleep too late

According to one study, showing that children who are not willing to go to bed at night have often are affect by their parents' "night life". There is still a study showing that children who sleep late are aggressive, associated with hyperactivity, poor self-control and other symptoms.

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Beneficial Factors for Baby Sleeping

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Beneficial Factors for Baby Sleeping

This article was published on 2011/04/25